Sticky Stickers have been in the design and manufacturing of stickers since 1999 and since then has first and foremost offered clients value for money, while continually endeavoring to improve the prospects of each individual business we deal with. We specialize in Vinyl stickers, Domed stickers, sandblast, One way stickers (Contravision vinyl), Sandblast stickers and Vehicle decals (full and half wrap).

We have found that these product areas are particularly well-suited to our customers’ business goals and their budgets. We do, however, offer additional products on a per job basis.

In 2008 we moved to our new location, a340 square metre factory facility on the takeover by the Assignment3 Group. This move, from our original small office setup, has allowed us to expand into a team of 8 full-time workers plus a host of other part-time team members. It has also enabled the purchase of new assets such as our “Rapid dome” doming machine. A bulk producing, cost effective machine that can dome faster (see DOME STICKERS). And we now have the necessary space to work on the largest trucks.

In Sticky Sticker’s endeavour to offer our clients value for money and better products than our competitors, we are increasingly relying on machinery production, reducing the chances of human error.

This website, with its easy to use online shopping interface, is another example of Sticky Stickers allowing customers ease of use of our services. In the future we aimto keep providing innovations to the market. We aim to stay ahead of trends and to service as many customers as possible nationwide. We will keep adding new products to our range. One of our main goals is to be more eco-friendly in the way we do business, and we are progressively introducing new eco-friendly materials to replace less environmentally friendly products.